Imam Ali (PBUH) set up unprecedented patterns of justice

Imam Ali (PBUH) set up unprecedented patterns of justice

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, through his historic speeches and messages stressed that Imam Ali (PBUH)--the truthful infallible successor of the holy prophet of Islam --has been perfect model to follow for the entire humanity throughout all ages. 

Imam Khomeini recommended believers from all walks of life to follow footsteps of the truthful successor of the holy prophet in order to gain prosperity here and salvation hereafter. 

Imam Ali’s (PBUH) auspicious birth happened in the holy month of Rajab, which is of great significance from Islamic viewpoint and has venerable divine occasions.  

All faithful and believers across various parts of the globe mark the occasion to honor Imam Ali’s legacy of justice and his divine virtues. 

The late founder of the Islamic Revolution used to send congratulatory messages on birthday anniversary of Imam Ali (PBUH) each year.  In his messages, he used to maintain that miraculous personality of Imam Ali (PBUH) is the appearance of the absolute justice throughout the human history. 

The religious leader of contemporary history maintained that eternal patterns of social justice established by Imam Ali (PBUH) should be followed by future generations as well. 

The leader of contemporary Muslim world frequently asserted that viable and fair social justice could be established across the world if the human societies preserve Imam Ali’s legacy. 

Imam Khomeini recommended all human societies to analyze the patterns of social justice set by Imam Ali and his the people of his holy household (peace be upon them) in order to apply them in current circumstances.

According to Imam Khomeini, in the early days of Islam, the ideal Islamic government ruled twice: first at the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad and secondly when Imam Ali ibn AbiTalib (peace be upon them). These administrations during early days of Islam governed the Muslim societies and set unprecedented divine patterns. 

 They were the only two examples that the immaterial values dominated. In other words, they were governments of justice in which the rulers had never violated the law. 

Justice was so applied that if a citizen from the lowest class of the society took a legal action against the first person in the country.

According to Imam Khomeini,  the mankind societies could be prevented from falling into pits of social and moral decline if they follow Imam Ali (PBUH) as a perfect role model. 

The father of the Islamic Revolution was profoundly attached to the dynamic personality of Imam Ali (PBUH), at whose shrine in the holy city of Najaf he spent over 13 years of his years in exile.  

Ruhollah since his youth used to consider the path blazed out by Imam Ali (PBUH) as a guiding light for all humanity. 

There is no doubt that faithful people will continue to learn honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, sagacity, and the acumen to differentiate right from wrong, from Imam Ali’s divine personality. 

The late founder of Islamic Revolution frequently mentioned exceptional merits of Imam Ali (PBUH), who used to risk his on several crucial occasions for the defense of Islam and its genuine teachings.  

At the same time, the tender heart of the brave Imam Ali (PBUH) would weep at the sight of orphans, the needy and the oppressed, and he would spend whatever he had to alleviate their situation. 

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