Imam Khomeini confronted all conspiracies by Shah regime, foreign backers

Imam Khomeini confronted conspiracies by Shah regime, colonial backers

Imam Khomeini at very sensitive juncture of history had confronted all conspiracies hatched by Shah regime and its colonial backers.

The movement which began under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini had alarmed the despotic Shah regime and its foreign backers. 

The series of so-called "reform" measures which were promulgated by the Shah on January 26, 1963 in compliance with the orders of the Americans. 

The so-called refroms collectively designated the "White Revolution," were not only ineffective, but also in many ways destroyed the economic basis of the country.

These two facts prompted the US administration's decision to revive the Capitulation Bill and establish "consular judicial rights" in Iran.

The measures were designated to grant US personnel impunity so they could, with peace of mind, directly protect the Shah's throne and their interests in this part of the world.

The proposal was first submitted by the Americans in March 1962 before the Shah's reform program was implemented. However, for some reasons it was not seriously followed up until after the bloody uprising of Khordad 15 (June 5, 1963).

In response to developments, Imam launched a widespread awakening campaign among people in order to confront all conspiracies.

 The culmination of Imam Khomeini's movement showed that the Shah's regime was unable to suppress the movement.

The movement under leadership of Imam continue to attract the support of the masses.

The final victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979 put Iran on track of progress and strengthened the oppressed people and changed balance of power in the interest of Muslim nations.  

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