Imam Khomeini underlined main goals of honorable Prophet's mission

Imam Khomeini underlined main goals of honorable Prophet's mission

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Revolution, once through his historic remarks said that the Holy Prophet of Islam conveyed message of spirituality and morality at a very sensitive juncture of history when the human societies had been plunged into social and moral decline.

 .In addition, holy prophet also encouraged the humanity to confront all conspiracies and plots being hatched by oppressors and exploiting powers 

Mab’ath reminds us of occasion when the holy prophet was appointed by God and assigned with a mission of relieving humanity from clutches of slavery and evil powers.

On the auspicious occasion of Mab’ath, Imam Khomeini once said in this regard as following:

The thing that we must pay attention to on the anniversary of the Prophetic mission is that the objective of the Prophetic mission of the Prophet of God was to teach the people the path to eliminate oppression; to teach the path that would enable the people to confront the exploiting powers. The Prophet’s mission was to save the moral conduct of the people, the lives of the people, the souls of the people and the physical bodies of the people and all of these from evil; to do away totally with darkness and replace it with light; to do away with ignorance and replace it with the light of knowledge; to do away with the darkness of oppression and replace it with the light of justice. It has shown us the way; it has taught us that all people, all Muslims are brothers and must be united and not have differences. 

Sahife-ye Imam, Vol. 17, page 403  

We see necessary to have a glance over circumstances surrounding the Arabian peninsula and other human society at certain juncture of the history. We will also mention some major objectives pursued by the holy prophet of Islam and his infallible successors for the guidance of humanity.  

The world at the dawn of his holiness's mission had been plunged into in all kinds of primitive thoughts and superstitious.

And perhaps in that age in nowhere in the world, superstitious and unruliness and the spread of social corruptions was like the Arabia peninsula. The people of the time were smoldering in the fire of injustice and inequalities and their needed vitally spiritual, moral and humanist practices. 

We’ll review reasons of the emergence of the prophets in particular and with a special emphasis on his holiness Islam's prophet:

After emergence of the holly prophet the current principles and values of the society that worked against life and after life expedience of peoples were changed into Godly and humanistic values. Superstitious changed into search and reach of truth, war and bloodshed and injustice changed into justice and equality. And peoples of seemingly low class became trustworthy and changed into peoples of high social dignity. The entire laws and materialistic and outward criteria were substituted with valuable and supreme ones.

Of most important causes of prophet's emergence is edification of souls and producing potential human beings. The prophets of god try to turn the internal abilities of human from potentiality into facts and practice and help them on their way toward righteousness and evolution. The prophets cultivated the way of human to relate with origin of existence and they have made the provisions and preludes for.

According to Quran education there is no other goal for human's creation but to worship the sole God and the entire beneficences and entities that have been created and have become available to human, all are to help him passing through God sheer servitude path. Sheer servitude is to think just about the absolute creator of the world and nothing else and concentrate all the thoughts and works on this matter only. God says in Quran: "I created human and genie for no other reason but to worship me". 

The firm cord of prophet-hood is the only vehicle in gathering all of human beings under the banner of unity and fraternity.

The human beings had always been fed up with disputes and were in search of trustworthy strategies to solve their problems. An important main goal of prophets is to end the conflicts of human beings caused by insanity and negligence.

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