Imam Khomeini honored Labor Day, highlighted workers' rights

Imam Khomeini honored Labor Day, highlighted workers' rights

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic through his historic messages and speeches stressed the significance of contribution by workers for the progress of country. 

Imam believed that there must be attached importance to workers' efforts and their role should be appreciated at all time and in all circumstances. 

Imam Khomeini, the leader of contemporary Muslim world, emphasized that the labor forms backbone of mankind's society.  

According to Imam's thinking, each element and member of this universe is born as a worker and is tending to undertake serious efforts for accomplishment of divine-oriented goals. 

Imam once said in a historic message as following:


Radio-Television Message


Date: May 1, 1979 [Ordībehesht 11, 1358 AHS / Jamādī ath-Thānī 4, 1399 AH]

Place: Qum

Subject: The dignity of labor and the laborer; the reconstruction of the country

Occasion: Universal day of labor and the laborer

Addressees: Laborers and other strata of the people 


Every day is laborer’s day

The allocation of a particular day to workers is perhaps in consideration of formalities and respect, otherwise every day is labor and laborer’s day. In fact, the universe is made up of work and workers. To allocate a specific day to workers is like allocating a day to light; allocating another day to the sun. Everyday there is light and is day of light, everyday is a day of the sun; but maybe these are formalities and out of respect, for this reason it is not inappropriate, but if viewed realistically, work and the worker have been present everywhere in all the worlds pre-natural and the natural worlds and the supernatural worlds—and all the creatures of the world whether they are pre-natural creatures or whether they are natural creatures or whether they are supernatural ones—have all been born from the worker, and work is likened to ‘existence’ and plays a role in all activities of the universe.


Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol. 7, page 155


This comes as workers across the globe are marking128th International Workers’ Day, also known as Labor Day or May Day. 

Each year, workers across various parts of the the world take part in massive rallies to mark the occasion and call for better wages and job conditions for labor forces.

They pay tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of human societies.

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