Imam Khomeini never sacrificed moral values for politics

Imam Khomeini never sacrificed moral values for politics

An internationally-reputed scholar says that the founder of the Islamic Republic never sacrificed ethical and moral values for the sake of political gains.

Dr. Hojjat al-Islam Mohammad Moghaddam, head of International Department of the Institute said that Imam khomeini, the leader of contemporary Muslim world, promoted such a politics which was based on decency and morality.

He stressed that Imam established a matchless Islamic democratic system in Iran following the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

The two most important components and characteristics of such system have been Islamic and democratic, the scholar added.

He went onto say that the system established by Imam had been based on human values and the principles of friendship between mankind.

The scholar emphasized that support and participation of the public was vital from Imam Khomeini’s viewpoint as he sought implementation of people’s dominance in all arenas, Dr. Moghaddam stated.

Dr. Moghaddam made remarks during an interview with media outlets while visiting a stall set up at the International book exhibition in the Iranian capital Tehran to introduce and promote Imam Khomeini’s theological and mystical works.

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