Indonesia holds international summit on Imam Khomeini

Indonesia holds international summit on Imam Khomeini

A conference titled 'social justice from view of Imam Khomeini has been held in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

Waliullah Mohammadi , the Iranian ambassador to Indonesia, head of Iranian cultural house in Jakarta and several Indonesian scholars were among speakers who addressed the intellectual gathering. 

The summit, which was held in Hidayatollah University in the Indonesian capital, was attended by domestic and foreign intellectuals, clerics and scholars. 

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic used to attach great significance to social and economic justice. 

Imam maintained through his historic speeches, messages and works that all classes of society have opportunities and he took serious efforts to get oppressed people of the world from clutches of colonial powers.

Imam frequently denounced colonial powers for violating rights of the world oppressed people and nations. 

Imam believed that social justice should be enhanced and prompted at international forums, organizations and all international institutions which can play role in solving the world conflicts. 

Following the victory of Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini, Iran was put on the track of progress as people from various echelons of society contributed all social, cultural, optical and economic arenas. 

The Islamic Revolution at sensitive juncture of history also changed balance of power in the interests of the Muslim world and the oppressed people across various parts of the world. 

Therefore, the Islamic Revolution undertook serious practical steps to promote social justice at national and international levels.  

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