Ethics can play a role in prevention of war

Ethics can play a role in prevention of war

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic believed that ethics and marls can play a key role in preventing conflicts and wars across the world.

According to Imam, the root cause of most of problems facing the world is due to lack of morals. The world has been plunged into moral and social decline and therefore has fallen short of respecting each other’s rights.

The leader of contemporary Muslim world always paid particular attention to morality, and viewed almost all socio-political issues from the moral perspective.

His recommendations and political messages to the officials and the people speak for this, and these recommendations can be treated, apart from the occasion of their issuance, as profound moral lessons from which we can learn.

Imam believed that the purpose and result of the mission of the divine revealed religions is the perfection of morality.

According to Imam, in the noble traditions of divine Prophets, moral excellences have been given more importance than anything else after doctrinal teachings. 

Imam Khomeini considered good moral practices and attitudes as the source of salvation and prosperity for both individuals and societies.

From the very beginning when he was a religious teacher up to the time when he was in the midst of the political arena, led the people’s uprising, and established the Islamic Republic,

The great Imam frequently emphasized that morality is of a great significance as it is the asset of the everlasting life of the hereafter.

The capital asset of the life here is also the acquisition of noble dispositions and the possession of moral excellences.

 Moral values, ethics, with this peculiar status, has always had grabbed the attention of the founder of the Islamic Republic.


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