Imam Khomeini's life and views have healing powers

Imam Khomeini's life and views have healing powers

An intellectual says the conduct and life of Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, has healing power for all free-minded people of the world.

Saeed Seyed Agha Banihashemi, a professor at School of International relations, which  trains international diplomats, and is run by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, made remarks while explaining the 100-day schedule of a group of visiting intellectuals from Belgium.

He said that students seek to become familiar with Imam Khomeini's lifestyle, his views and Iranian culture.

The group comprises of Belgian lecturers, professors and students who are expected to assume high-ranking positions in their country in future.

Banihashemi said that the students will visit various Iran's cultural and academic centers and visit historical places during their stay in Iran.

The group has already visited Imam Khomeini's holy mausoleum, which is located on southern suburbs of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Banihashemi, the former Iranian ambassador to Georgia, stressed that Imam Khomeini's life and views has been a prescription of heeling for all free-minded and freedom seekers around the globe. 

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