Martyr’s son releases rare historical photo of Imam Khomeini

Martyr’s son releases rare historical photo of Imam Khomeini

Son of a prominent martyr has released a historical picture of Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic.

The rare photo dates back to 1961 during Imam’s stay in the holy Iranian city of Qom.

Saeed Heidari, son of late Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Heidari Nahavandi, has sent the picture and its description to Jamaran news agency.

According to him, the memorial photo had been taken at the entrance of Masjid -Azam located in Qom, where Imam used to deliver theological lessons to seminary students.

In the photo, Imam Khomeini, the architect of the Islamic Revolution, can be seen talking to Nahavandi.

Ayatollah Nahavandi, who had been one of honorable pupils of Imam, was martyred in a terrorist attack along Ayatollah Dr. Sayyid Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti in 1981. 

Beheshti and several of his colleagues lost their lives on June 28, 1981 after a bomb exploded at the headquarters of the Iran Islamic Republic Party (IRP) in Tehran, while a meeting of party leaders was in progress.

The deadly attack was orchestrated by MKO terrorist group, which at that time was involved in a campaign of assassinations against officials of the Islamic Republic and revolutionary figures.

It is worthy to mention that Ayatollah Nahavandi’s wife had recalled through an interesting memoirs, saying her husband was once taken into custody of Shah regime forces due to possessing this photo during the struggle for Islamic Revolution.   She was forced to hide the picture several times whenever their home was raided by Shah agents in those years.

The Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini put Iran on track of progress, changed the balance of power in the region, strengthened the oppressed nations and confronted the aggressive policies of colonial powers around the globe. 

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