Imam Khomeini portrays various perspectives of human nature

Imam Khomeini portrays various perspectives of human nature

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic world through his theological and mystical works highlighted that man is a marvel possessing two lives and two worlds within one existence.

According to Imam, present life or the outward world, is this worldly existence, and is associated with his body.

The leader of contemporary Muslim world pointed out that the other is ‘inner life’, the inward world, associated with the hidden, invisible, higher other world.

Man’s soul which belongs to the realms of the invisible and celestial world, consists of several levels and grades…

According to Imam’s thinking,  for each one of them is specified host of guardians.

The host related with the divine and intellectual powers attracts him toward the sublime, heavenly spheres, and summons him to the acts of virtue and goodness.

The other host of guardians is the ignoble and satanic, which attracts man toward the baser realms of darkness and shame, and invites him to the acts of villainy and destruction.

 There is always a state of conflict and strife between these two forces, and human existence serves as the battleground of these two bands.

From Imam Khomeini viewpoint, it is obvious that the most important principle of man’s fitrah is his being monotheist; second, belief in the hereafter; and third, acceptance of the principle of prophethood.  

Another aspect of fitrah is the natural inclination to seek perfection [that] is so universal.  It is the same inclination to perfection and excellence that drives forward the caravan of human civilization and learning.

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