Imam matchless personality of the Muslim world history

Imam matchless personality of the Muslim world history

An Afghan intellectual says Imam Khomeini has been a matchless personality of contemporary Muslim world

Interviewee: Abdul Latif Nazari

PHD in political science and professor at Afghan universities

Question: How do you describe achievements accomplished by Imam Khomeini?

Abdul Latif Nazari: In my view, Imam had been an unprecedented and matchless personality of the Muslim world history which played a key role in the transformation of the contemporary political affairs. Imam Khomeini for the first time negated the Eastern and Western blocs when the world had been divided between these two alliances.

By undermining the Marxist, western liberal democratic systems, Imam introduced an Islamic Republic system which guarantees such a democracy based on dominance people’s vast participation.

Question: How Imam Khomeini did countered phobia against spirituality and religion?

Abdul Latif Nazari: When the modern world had created a phobia against spirituality and sought to send the religion into a corner. Imam described the religion as center of all social and political affairs.

Muslim awakening, which we are experiencing among the today’s Muslim world owe to Imam’s views, thought and ideals.

The need for unity, which has become a central discussion among Islamic societies has been an outcome of Imam’s ideals.

The Islamic history has still no seen a personality of Imam Khomeini’s caliber and emergence of such a figure in future would also not be any soon on horizon. 


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