Imam Khomeini displayed kindness, humbleness towards public

Imam Khomeini displayed kindness, humbleness towards public

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic showed kindness and humbleness towards the masses,

Imam Khomeini's kindness and humbleness towards the masses, especially the oppressed masses of society, is a good example of how he followed the path of the great prophet of Islam.

The fundamental secret of the Imam's success and popularity was his complete attention towards Almighty Allah.

Real belief in Allah will be brought about when a person seriously attempts to acquire it.

Faith and pious deeds, when accompanied by knowledge, will become the basis of each human being's prosperity and salvation.

Proceeding in this path necessitates undergoing great sufferings and problems, and requires a great spiritual capacity, which can only be achieved by continuous building up of one's own self and his continuous reliance on Allah.

Imam Khomeini brought about such conditions in himself. He was truly a human being who relied upon the One Lord and who believed in the righteousness of the path he was following.

Freedom-loving Gnostics have no other aim but becoming nearer to their Creator.

The way to achieve this lofty goal is that the person should continuously think of Allah, and Imam Khomeini fulfilled these conditions.

His uprising and Revolution, his lessons and his discussions, his poems and books, were all based on the axis of acquiring Allah's satisfaction.

His simple way of life astonished those who visited his residence for the first time.

 In consideration of the spiritual aspect of the Imam Khomeini’s personality, his simple way of living and his devotedness possess a special status.

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