Imam Khomeini paved long way for self-purification

Imam Khomeini paved long way for self-purification

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, undertook serious efforts for purification of the self since very early stages of his life.

When a human being believes that everything, including himself, has been created by Allah and that He is Lord of all the creatures, he negates any kind of independence and becomes a Servant of Him in its true sense.

His uprising and Revolution, his lessons and his discussions, his poems and books, were all based on the axis of acquiring Allah's satisfaction.

In consideration of the spiritual aspect of the Imam's personality, his simple way of living and his devotedness possess a special status. His simple way of life astonished those who visited his residence for the first time. It is said that he performed his night prayers (which is done before dawn) faithfully; prayers which are highly recommended in Islamic narrations and which were compulsory for the Prophet.

Even when Imam Khomeini was returning from France to Iran, he recited his night prayer in the plane.

In most of his meetings with various people and national and international figures, the late founder of the Islamic Republic always talked about purification of one's soul, piety and paying attention to Allah.

It was as a result of this very relationship with Allah that he was able to confront the superpowers and to expose their falseness to the oppressed people of the world.

Imam Khomeini's kindness and humility towards the masses, especially the oppressed masses of society, is a good example of how he followed the path of the great Prophet of Islam.

The purity and softness of the late Imam's spirit was to the extent that when a memorial was held for the leader of the martyrs, Imam Hossein (PBUH) and his sufferings in Karbala were recounted, he would shed sincere tears.

Imam Khomeini, the leader of contemporary Muslim world, had reached a high level of certainty from the viewpoint of believing in Allah and metaphysics and Gnosticism.

He believed that the entire world belongs to Allah, and bore in mind His fear and recalled Him. He was never frightened of any power except Allah.

There remains no doubt that in this was why he acquired such a high spirit that he ascended from the earth towards His Lord. 

In this case, such a person would never, even for a second, give up or neglect his responsibility of servitude towards, and worship of, Allah.

In other words, the spirit of worship is that a person must bear in mind the satisfaction of his Lord in all aspects of his life.

Analysts and pundits maintain that undoubtedly, the fundamental secret of the Imam's success and popularity was his complete attention towards Almighty Allah. 

Islamic Gnosticism in its correct meaning has its roots in the moral education of the infallible Imams, the truthful successors of the honorable prophet of Islam.

Practically following such human beings who possess a lofty status and divine insight and knowledge leads a human being to prosperity and salvation.

Examining the Gnostic and spiritual aspects of the Imam's personality is impossible without bear ing in mind this important point.

Imam Khomeini, from his early youth and his first years at Arak Theological School and, later, Qum Theological School, due to the fact that he had a good and suitable family and education genuinely attempted to purify his soul and under-go an internal holy struggle. In his youth and throughout his studies he found the opportunity to study under one of the Gnostic and prominent personalities, Ayatullah Shahabadi.

The Imam respected this great personality and attached much importance to his lessons, for he was studying under a person who himself had passed several stages of gnosticism and spirituality.

When he was twenty-seven, Imam Khomeini compiled his first gnostic work entitled Sharhe Do'ayeSahar (an exposition on Dawn supplication) when he was thirty-five years old he wrote the commentaries as Sharhe Phosous al-Hekam and Mes- bah al-Uns which is one of the famous gnostic works by Mohiad-din Arabi and this work was considered to be very unusual for such a person at such a young age.

Imam Khomeini was able to carry out all these projects due to his purification of his soul as well as his atten- tion to Allah.

It is certain that when a person attempts to lead an ummah, and become the origin of a basic change in the path of Islamic history after a period of over 1400 years, he needs the blessings of Allah, which can be acquired only through real faith in and reliance upon Him.

Real belief in Allah will be brought about when a person seriously attempts to acquire it. Faith and pious deeds, when accompanied by knowledge, will become the basis of each human being's prosperity and salvation.

Proceeding in this path necessitates undergoing great sufferings and problems, and requires a great spiritual capacity, which can only be achieved by continuous building up of one's own self and his continuous reliance on Allah.

Imam Khomeini brought about such conditions in himself. He was truly a human being who relied upon the One Lord and who believed in the righteousness of the path he was following.

Freedom-loving Gnostics have no other aim but becoming nearer to their Creator.

It can be concluded that the way to achieve this lofty goal is that the person should continuously think of Allah, and Imam Khomeini fulfilled these conditions.

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