President Rouhani appoints women as vice presidents, assistant

President Rouhani appoints women as vice presidents, assistant

Iranian president has appointed three women as vice presidents and assistant in his new cabinet.

In separate decrees on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani appointed Massoumeh Ebtekar as vice president for women and family affairs and La’aya Joneidi as vice president for legal affairs.

Rouhani also named Shahindokht Molaverdi as assistant for civil rights.

Ebtekar was a vice president and the head of Iran's Department of Environment during Rouhani’s first term. Joneidi is a professor of law at the University of Tehran.

Molaverdi was the vice president for women and family affairs in Rouhani’s previous administration.

On Tuesday, Rouhani submitted the list of 17 nominees for 17 cabinet positions to the parliament.

No person has been so far nominated for the 18th post, which belongs to the minister of science, research and technology. The nominee for the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology is yet to be presented to the parliament.

Separately on Tuesday, Rouhani reinstated Es’haq Jahangiri as the first vice president for a second consecutive term.

The lawmakers will begin holding debates on the nominees on August 15, with the Iranian president being allowed to defend his cabinet picks.

The founder of the Islamic Republic also encouraged to women to play active role in the Muslim society shoulder to shoulder with men. 

Imam views on women role in the society gain more significance in recent decades.  

Imam Khomeini believed that ‘like men, women as human beings can share a role and cooperation in constructing the society.



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