Imam Khomeini restored respect, dignity to women

Imam Khomeini restored respect, dignity to women

After the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini stressed the significant role of women in all social, cultural and political fields of life.

From Imam Khomeini’s speeches and writings during the first two decades of the Islamic Revolution, it can be concluded that he owned a very positive approach to women’s social and political contribution.

 In one of his speeches on women’s freedom, Imam Khomeini has enunciated that:

“Women are free in the Islamic society. They are not prevented from entering university or administrations or the parliaments. What is forbidden is ethical immorality against which men and women are equal and it is prohibited for both of them.”

Upon the beginning of his Islamic movement in 1960, Imam Khomeini paid special attention to women and their significant roles in social changes. In his speeches in 1979, Imam Khomeini has put emphasis on some important issues dealing with women:

 Imam Khomeini elaborated on the positive approach of Islam towards woman and its significance in humane values. Imam Khomeini considered the presence of woman in country’s basic ordainments as needed.

The late founder of the Islamic Republic stressed the women’s dignity and respect, Imam Khomeini believed that: ‘Islam saved women from the fossilized way of thinking. Islam has served women much higher than men. Islam wants women to do as much basic activities as men do. Islam wants to preserve woman’s dignity and honor.’

Imam Khomeini stressed on the role of woman in the society’s structure. Imam Khomeini believed that ‘like men, women as human beings can share a role and cooperation in constructing the society. Neither women should degrade themselves nor should men think of them as humiliated.

 Imam Khomeini believed that: ‘women play a very substantial role in forming the society. Islam promotes woman to such a high degree that she can accept serious responsibilities and undertakings in the structure of the Islamic government.’

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