Imam Khomeini’s dynamic ideals confront extremism, violence

Imam Khomeini’s dynamic ideals confront extremism, violence

The extremists are considered as a huge problem across the world because of the wrong strategies of the western countries in the Middle East.

For the West, after the communism nightmare, it is new to face with a powerful, ugly horrible ghost of violence and extremism. 

In these days, as the various forms of extremism has been converted into a public crisis and based on that, the political scientists and policy makers are assessing the possible solutions.

After all of these confrontations with these Radical groups, West has to change its approach from challenge to interaction.

 But, the question remains that which kind of narrations of Islam is suitable for the West?

 Wahabi and Saudi narratives with visible support of Daesh terrorists, which are responsible for ongoing violence across various parts of the globe, are really harmful for entire humanity. 

On the other hand, there is a peaceful narrative of Islam which was introduced and promoted by Imam Khomeini in contemporary era.

The Islamic revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini continues to spread message of peace and tranquility and had been not at war with any nation.

The revolution however confronts the aggressive policies of colonial powers and defends the rights of oppressed nations. 

The imperialist powers have tried to ban and sensor the world to hear Imam Khomeini’s peaceful messages and have desperately attempted to reduce the huge impact of Iran revolution by their propaganda. 

But today, Imam Khomeini’s dynamic ideals and thoughts are accepted by all people who have a free soul from the dominance of imperialism and capitalism.  

The genuine teachings of Islam revived by Imam Khomeini are fully capable of tackling any form of extremism and confronting any type of violence.  

These days, the terrorist groups such as Daesh, al-Qaeda and others which are using religion as tool and playing into hands of exploiting powers, are wreaking havoc in several countries especially in Iraq and Syria 

In order to confront all types of extremism and violence, Imam Khomeini through his historic messages and speeches had stressed to spread unity among Muslims and denounced any type of sectarian strife.

In recent years, unfortunately, several Takfiri terrorist groups such as Daesh and al-Qaeda which are playing into hands of colonial and exploiting powers are wreaking havoc and shedding blood in several Islamic countries especially in Iraq and Syria.  

Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini under wise leadership of Imam had defended the rights of oppressed nations.

Imam had recommended the Iranian authorities to raise the Palestine issue on international level and forums and expose crimes being committed by the Israeli regime against the Palestinian nation.

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