Imam Khomeini detailed underlying philosophies of Hajj

Imam Khomeini detailed underlying philosophies of Hajj

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic pursued the revival of the Abrahamic and Mohammedan (PBUH) Hajj pilgrimage.

A significant part of the Imam Khomeini's messages and statements on the subject pertains to the revival of the Abrahamic and Mohammedan (PBUH) Hajj. 

One of the dimensions and manifestations of Imam Khomeini’s tireless effort and sacred struggle on the way to actualization of revival of religious thought was to revive “the Hajj Pilgrimage” by means of explaining and detailing its underlying philosophies, lessons, messages and societal and political effects.

Hajj is a display of the spiritual journey of the devotees and the stages of servitude. The external acts of Hajj symbolize the spiritual stages.

The essence of worship is the journey towards God and the external acts of Hajj, devoid of presence of the heart, are not considered as worship. The Holy Prophet says: 

“The daily prayer, Hajj, circumambulation, and the other rites are aimed at remembering Allah. But when there is no remembrance of Him in your heart, what value will your oral remembrance have?”

Hajj is the most comprehensive act of submission before the Lord of the Worlds. Hajj is hope for humanity wounded by materialism and robbed by polytheism. 

Hajj is the most complete worship and the most effective lesson of equality and brotherhood to mankind. 

The pilgrimage is the foundation stone of unity in one belief and faith in One God the Almighty. 

Hajj disciplines the human, teaches Tawheed, purifies the soul, creates unity with other fellow believers without arrogance, prepares the mind for death, ushers in a feeling of humbleness, and – most importantly – strengthens the faith of a true believer in Him. 

Hajj destroys racism, murders casteism, eradicates regionalism, eliminates nationalism, and systematically annihilates polytheism from the minds of worshipers gathered in His house under His watch to submit before His will. 

 Hajj is the open and defying negation of all false deities. Hajj is refutation of all false parameters of greatness made and maintained by ignorance and arrogance. 

Imam Ali (peace be upon him) says: "Allah has made obligatory upon you…the pilgrimage, for it consolidates the faith." (Nahj al-Balagha)

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