If Ayatollah Boroujerdi gives permission

We sought help from Imam Khomeini

In the year 1956, Ayatollah Falsafi, the well-known preacher, with the backing of late Grand Ayatollah Boroujerdi began to explicate against Baha’ism, and apparently the Pahlavi monarchy offered its support to this struggle. Suddenly, we were faced with a turn and shift in Shah’s view (on the issue of struggle). The Shah humiliated the supreme Shiite religious authorities or Marja‘iyat in Qom as well as erudite theologians in Tehran. This confounded and confused the theologians of the Qum Seminary. We sought help from Imam Khomeini. The Imam told me and some others, who were discussing the issue, that: “If Mr. Boroujerdi gives permission I will call for an uprising against the Shah in a single day in all country.”

Narrated by: Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi

Taken from: Hawza Journal, no. 49

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