Institute promotes Imam Khomeini's theological works, dynamic ideals

Institute promotes Imam Khomeini's theological works, dynamic ideals

The institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works was established in 1996 to spread dynamic thought and ideals of the great leader of contemporary history and protect the works from being distorted.

The international department of the institute has managed to translate Dozens of Imam Khomeini’s works into various languages over the past years.  

The department has undertaken services of researcher and scholars to highlight theological, social, political and cultural perspectives of Imam’s ideals. 

In addition to that, modern technological means and global web are employed to promote Imam Khomeini’s ideals, which are increasingly becoming popular among peace-loving nations. 

The researchers, academics and employees of the institute have undertaken very serious efforts to shield and protect Imam’s works and his intellectual legacy over the past few decades.  

However, the institute and relevant scholar maintain that more could be done to spread and promote Imam’s works and thought among the young generation. 

Imam Khomeini who was against all types of extremism emphasized through his works and historic message on necessity of protecting unity among various walks of society. 

So it is necessary that door should remain open for all people and researchers who have different approaches to Imam’s ideals and thought.  

The Institute was established because it was a necessity to gather and promote Imam Khomeini's Works after his heavenly departure.  

Since the institute started working to introduce Imam Khomeini's ideas, it has conducted numerous researches about the different dimensions of Imam's notions at domestic and international levels. 

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic had been a great thinker having full knowledge of various branches of science. This trait of him made him a multi-dimensional personality.

Given the fact that Imam Khomeini was a multi-dimensional personality who authored numerous works in mysticism, jurisprudence, philosophy, theology and politics and in view of him being the founder and leader of the Islamic Republic, obviously his political thoughts encompass all concepts that have some governmental and societal applications.



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