Imam Khomeini reminded Hajj pilgrims of their duties, mission

Imam Khomeini reminded Hajj pilgrims of their duties, mission

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic in a historic message reminded pilgrims of their mission and duties.

Imam once said that the Iranian pilgrims at the sacred houses should remember that they are making a pilgrimage to Allah’s house and to the holy shrine of His Prophet, peace be upon him, from a country that has revolted to expel oppressors and achieve Islamic objectives.

They are under the scrutiny of their Muslim brethren from across the world as well as the news agencies and liars.

The propaganda machine of the enemies of Islam is prowling and attentively watching their [Iranian pilgrims] deeds and recording their sayings.

They are intent upon magnifying trivial issues, and thus spreading false rumors all over the world.

Any minor deviation, fault or error, in addition to its being regarded as a sin before Almighty God and His great Prophet, would also be unforgivable before other Hajj pilgrims.

This is because Allah forbids the Islamic Republic, which is formed to establish divine rule based on Quranic teachings, would be portrayed in an adverse manner, and slanderers who are waiting to find a pretext against the Islamic Republic would be provided the grounds to spread rumors aimed at blurring the luminous visage of Islam.

They should be cautious lest unreasonable conduct and unwarranted utterances mar their character. Everyone should watch his friends and relatives and should follow sound humanitarian Islamic programs.

O Allah, save us from following the devil and lust. Save us from ambition for status and earthly belongings. Save Muslim States from being afraid of the superpowers and inform them of their Islamic and humanitarian responsibilities.

Imam Khomeini is one of the greatest contemporary Muslim thinkers; he is one of the history-making men of the Islamic world.

Imam Khomeini, the matchless leader of contemporary Muslim world, is a multi-dimensional personality who authored numerous works in mysticism, jurisprudence, philosophy, theology and politics.  Obviously, his political thoughts encompass all concepts that have some governmental and societal applications.

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