Imam Khomeini's unique leadership ensured victory for revolution

Imam Khomeini's unique leadership ensured victory for revolution

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic led the Islamic revolution to victory under his wise leadership with reliance on God, the Almighty and public support at the sensitive juncture of history.

On several occasions during the Revolution some of his supporters urged him to compromise with the Shah regime because the people would not be able to make any more sacrifices. He would reply simply that we must do what we have to do and leave the result to Allah.

it becomes clear how the Imam achieved what many considered to be an impossible task: the overthrow of the Shah's regime, leading to the establishment of the Islamic Republic system in Iran, in such a short period of time.

The Islamic Revolution occurred when the Shah's imperial army bristled with the latest weapons the west could provide.

It had not been defeated in a war as was the case with the Bolshevik or French revolutions.

Instead, the Shah's regime was backed by the military, political and diplomatic might of the US.

The Imam did not urge the people to take up arms against the regime. The people of Iran scaled heroic heights of sacrifice for their noble cause.


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