Imam Khomeini confronted aggression, defended nation’s dignity

Imam Khomeini confronted aggression, defended nation’s dignity

Imam Khomeini’s unique leadership inspired Iranians to stand against aggression and war launched by the then Iraqi dictator Saddam and his US-led backers.

Imam also defended humanitarian goals and revived divine values by inspiring the culture of martyrdom and sacrifice. 

Under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini, the Iranian nation rendered numerous sacrifices to defend their country and defended all human values.

According to Imam Khomeini, the leader of contemporary Muslim world, the goal of holy struggle is to achieve the great humanitarian goal which God want it from the person, who is to obey God the Almighty, and this happens through performing the divine commandment by preserving the nation’s dignity and the Muslims’ honor and their sacred things.

Regarding this, Imam Khomeini says: “You had triumphed over your fancies, you are in the rear of the front lines, and your brothers are in the front lines. You struggled and you knew that the life is perpetuity and this animalism and materialism life will vanish, then you will triumph, and as long as this is your doctrine, you are the victors even if you defeated formally and materially”.  

Undoubtedly that martyrdom is a divine grace that God grant and the person can’t do it by himself.

Imam Khomeini adds saying: “With respect to us, martyrdom is a great flood” but this doesn’t mean that God give it for any one and haphazardly; regarding this, Imam Khomeini says: “Martyrdom is a gift given from God for the ones who are qualified for it”.

Hence, the characteristic of the martyr should be found in the person and he should be qualified for martyrdom in order for God to bestow martyrdom upon him. And some of these conditions are:
Imam Khomeini focused on that through his speeches: “The world with all what it contains such as its counterfeits and esteems is too much inferior to be recompense and a degree for the strugglers for the sake of Allah”.

Being related with martyrs let the spirituality of the person be close from their spirituality, and hence the person will be ready to receive the divine flood that they had received, which is martyrdom. In many occasions, Imam Khomeini assured that: “Martyrs are considered the leaders of the path, and the instructors in the struggle world. Thus, we should benefit from them”.

Imam Khomeini states also: “America’s traitors should know that martyrdom for the sake of Allah couldn’t be gauged with dominance and defeat in the battle fields. Martyrdom’s degree means the termination of slavery and progression and conduct in the moral life…” 

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