Imam Khomeini highlighted global perspectives of Ashura message

Imam Khomeini highlighted global perspectives of Ashura message

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, through his speeches, historical messages and theological works stressed that Imam Hussein's school of thought and universal message should be introduced for entire humanity.

The contemporary leader of the Muslim world recommended all preachers to deliver lectures during month of Muharram with pure intentions at religious gatherings with lofty goal of elevating the Muslim societies towards intellectual, spiritual and moral growth.

The Holy Prophet of Islam in a famous Hadith had introduced Imam Hussain as a source of salvation, saying “Truly Hussein is the lamp for guidance and the ark for salvation.”

Imam Hussain (PBUH), who made matchless efforts to revive the divine teachings at very sensitive juncture of history and rendered numerous sacrifices, put a final nail into coffin of tyranny and cruelty.

Imam Khomeini once said in a historic message in this regard as following:

Had it not been for the sacrifice made by the magnificent guardian of Islam and the brave martyrdom of his great fellow guardians and devoted companions, Islam, under the suppression of the Bani Umayyads and their tyrannical rule, would have been portrayed in an inverted manner, and all the trouble taken by the Noble Messenger and his dedicated companions would have been wasted. (Sahifeh-ye-Imam, vol.8, p. 281) 

Imam Khomeini used to maintain that that the struggle for the Islamic revolution was inspired by Imam Hossein (PBUH) who rose against all types of injustices and tyranny. Imam also pointed out frequently that the Islamic Revolution has had deep roots in Imam Hossain’s divine-oriented uprising against cruelty. 

Imam Khomeini also stressed that one of the most important divine principles of Ashura has been “commanding for good and forbidding from the bad,” implementation of such message could prevent the human societies from falling into pits of moral and social decline.  

Imam Khomeini in one of other historic messages in this regard said as following:

The Doyen of the Martyrs `a (staged an uprising with some of his companions, family members and the ladies of his household. As it was for God, they destroyed the very foundations of that wicked person's monarchy. On the face of it, he ( the Doyen of the Martyrs )was killed, but, in reality, he extirpated the foundations of that monarchy; one that intended to turn Islam into a taghouti form. The danger that Mu`awiyah and Yazid posed for Islam did not lie in their usurpation of the caliphate; this was a danger less than that of their attempting to turn Islam into the form of a monarchy. They wanted to render spiritualities into a taghouti form. By calling themselves the successors of the Messenger of God, they wanted to convert Islam into a taghouti regime. This was the important issue. The two of them wanted to do, and did, so much harm to Islam that their predecessors had not. They tried to misrepresent the basic principles of Islam to the utmost. Theirs was a monarchy. There was drinking and gambling at their parties. The 'successor' of the Prophet attending parties where wine was being imbibed? And present at gambling sessions? And the Prophet's `successor' would also attend congregational prayers, such things notwithstanding! All this greatly menaced Islam. The Doyen of the Martyrs averted this danger. The issue did not concern the usurpation of the caliphate only. His uprising was against the taghouti monarchy itself; the one that wanted to show Islam in a way such that; had they succeeded, Islam would have become something else. It would have become like the 2500-year old monarchy. When Islam appeared, it wanted to put an end to the monarchies and such regimes, and to establish a divine government in the world. It aimed to destroy "taghout" and replace it with" Allah." They, however, wanted to remove" Allah" and install "taghout" instead- the same issues of paganism, the same problems of the past( pre-Islamic times ). The Doyen of the Martyrs being killed did not constitute a defeat as it was for God; rising for Him never ends in defeat.


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