Imam Khomeini sought Non-Aligned Movement  to play decisive role

Imam Khomeini sought Non-Aligned Movement to play decisive role


Right after triumph of Islamic revolution, under leadership of Imam Khomeini Iran practically exited from the US and western influence.

Imam Khomeini through his speeches and historical messages appealed independent nations to play significant role in the international diplomacy in order to confront vicious influence of colonial powers.  

 The following analysis outlines motives behind formation of NAM movement and how the organization can play an effective role in changing balance of power in the interest of the world oppressed nations and confront colonial influence of the so-called superpowers. 

In the name of God

The periodical of Imam and Non – Aligned Movement (NAM)

By the end of World War II and defeat of Nazi German as the common enemy of USSR communism and the American liberalism the world practically was divided into two opposite blocks under ruler ship of America and Soviet. Very often the world countries through membership of hidden and non – hidden treaties of economic, political or else would’ve been defined as an ally of either eastern or western superpower. Same time there was some countries those cherished more independent viewpoints and did not want to be placed in neither American nor Soviet side and pushed for their independence.

In such a time some of the world leaders as well as Jamal Abd – al – Naser Egyptian late president, Javaher Lal Nehru first Indian prime minister, Ahmad Sukarno leader of Indonesian independence movement, Marshal Tito leader of Yugoslavia, and Kwame Nkrumah of Ghanain the conference of Indonesia Bandung put the corner stone for the NON – Aligned Movement (NAM). The movement that was to facilitate unionization of countries who didn’t want to fallow U.S or Soviet and the war time divisional regime and were after an independent and dignified policy.

Right after triumph of Islamic revolution, under leadership of Imam Khomeini Iran practically exited from the western (American) camp, and in the first possible opportunity in the year 1980 joined the NAM and participated in Havana’s conference. The Nam’s conference is held once in three year time and its chairing is periodic. The 16th conference of NAM was held in Iran by 2012 and Iran took over the leadership of it from Egypt.

The Non – Aligned Movement (NAM) was established in the cold war time and for the cause of resisting hegemony and colonialism in all its types and shapes, a motto that now a day the most meaningful and practical tribune of Imam Khomeini.

In fact thoughts and educations of Imam Khomeini on the basis of rejection of hegemony and domineering of super powers explains the existence philosophy of NAM and its development.

Imam Khomeini’s thoughts on establishing the Islamic movement of Iranians in the field of foreign policy, not only is very close to the independence seeking thoughts of the NAM’s members but even more than that it is after unionization of the world towards human being elevation.

His holiness supreme leader and successor of Imam Khomeini, Ayatollah Khamenei also in his speech at the 16th conference of NAM in Tehran while repeating viewpoints of independence seeking and rejection of hegemony as the continuation of Imam’s thoughts in the field of foreign policy emphasized on all the elements of it strongly.

From the viewpoint of Iran’s great supreme leader causes of Non – Aligned Movement, as independence in politics, economy, culture, fighting with colonialism, non-alignment with superpowers, and strengthening solidarity between member countries of NAM, seem a bit distant from today’s world’s realities but efforts to remove these distances in spite of all of the existing difficulties are yet fruitful and promising.

 The supreme leader’s words are clearly declaring that hegemony and obliging countries in no way is acceptable to the world and in particular NAM’s members’ logic any more. Just as Imam Khomeini also about Iran – U.S relationship said: “Our relationship with America and other countries of the world will be based on mutual respect; we will not entitle U.S with any right to decide on our fate, while the previous governments of U.S deeds up to now and Carter’s by now, indicates that they recourse to every vehicle to secure that monarchy for their own interests and for this reason they still look at Islamic movement [of Iran] as a guarantee to their intention.”[1]

The first and main aim goals of all religions have always been: dispensing justice and eliminating the tyrant’s oppression, coercion and insecurity. In order to achieve goals as such, alliance and congeniality of all freedom seekers is necessary. If this alliance and association is actualized we can hope for a free and independent life and a life in whichever nation have the right to choose and make decision. On this ground an Islamic principle on foreign policy as “Style Defying”[2] is mentioned by the great leader of the revolution. Imam Khomeini values life in freedom and independence and regarding the respectable verse of “Style Defying”[3]declares: “our logic; the Islamic logic is so, that no hegemony and dominancy of others shall be actualized over you, you should not give in hegemony and we want the same.[4]

Hosein Sheik –al- Islam a former deputy of Iran’s Foreign Affairs Department believes that presence of NAM’s leaders in Iran is a proof for exportation of Iran’s revolution and same time he takes this presence in this meaning that they have accepted Islamic revolution and are rejecting the efforts and plots of United States against Iran. He carries on that the Anti – Colonialist and Anti – oppression movement have been initialized in Iran and under Iranian spiritual leaders’ leadership but later Shah in consequence of the Anglo – American coup of 1953 was reinstated in Iranian ruler ship and so practically Iran moved to the western camp. After victory of Iranian revolution this country by order of Imam withdrew from Cento military treaty (a treaty between American allies in Middle East) since that treaty was not justified in Imam’s no – east no – west policy.

Support of Imam for presence of Iran in Non – Aligned Movement made it more outstanding and this powerful presence that emanated from power and mightiness of Iran in persuasion after revolution showed itself even more tangibly in changing the place of NAM’s conference from Baghdad to Delhi by the time of Iran – Iraq war and in preventing reaching consensus for issuance of a statement against Iran in Zimbabwe’s Harare conference right at the hot period of the war.

Presence of Iran in the NAM is based on the very no – east no – west policy and the last word here is that the very presence of Iran in the NAM is based on the principle of independence seeking and principle of resistance and constancy that we’ve inherited from Imam and we continued holding with up until today and this is all about the cause that Imam have drawn for us.

Ramin Mehmanparast the speaker of the Foreign Affairs at the time says about the relation of NAM with the nature of Islamic revolution’s goals and Imam: “Once we investigate mottos and goals of NAM carefully we’ll find them all in clear accordance with Imam’s and [Islamic] revolution’s set of mottos and goals. [Mottos like] encountering occupiers and hegemonic and those who wield moral and power means in overwhelming other’s rights and do not allow independent countries to stand on their own feet and through unilateral sanctions and exclusion of technologies to themselves widen the gap between developed and semi developed countries, could be counted as some of the common principles of NAM and our revolution and Imam.

Ashur Bin Khyali foreign secretary of revolutionary government of Libya believes that Libyan revolt against Gadhafi’s was inspired by Iranian revolution and Egypt and Tunisia. He says that Libyans also like Iranians they started their first demonstrations from Friday public prayer.

Libyans also like Iranians by the time of Imam’s fighting had no support and just entered the arena for God sake and sate, and just as Imam put the question of regime and constitution on referendum in Libya also same procedure of polling is on. In the end Mr. Khyali hopes other suppressed countries of the world also by taking lesson from Iran and others and Middle Eastern countries revolutions do make bloodless and peaceful changes.

Hassan Ghshghavi an authority of Iranian foreign affairs says: Islamic revolution of Iran that achieved the victory through Imam’s viewpoints surfaced the wave of the world’s nations’ hope in getting independence and liberation from oppressors shackle. He continues that right from the beginning of Imam’s fights his thoughts were welcomed and played a role in formation of NAM too. Through triumph of Islamic revolution most of Islamic countries have got familiar with Imam’s stances and do know by now his revolutionary goals. And this meeting is an opportunity to make a retrospective investigation of Imam’s diplomacy in Tehran (during the Tehran’s conference).

Marty Natalegawa representative of Indonesia believes that anti colonialist thoughts of great men such as Imam Khomeini motivates progress of foreign relations between the member countries of NAM and same time causes a better solidarity between member countries those are most developing countries. Natalegawa carries on that policy of non-aligning is neither pro nor con to any group or camp but it’s based on some fixed principles. In general the non – aligned approach’s been an effort towards achieving independence and fight for economic development and it’s not tending to any clash and conflict with other countries or its own members.




[1] Sahifa-ye Imam, v5, p157.

[2] It comes from holy Quran, Surah Nesa verse 141. In which Quran expresses impossibility of dominancy and penetration of Non - Muslims over Muslims [through their power or styles and methods].

[3] Ibid.

[4] Sahifa-ye Imam, v4, p 91.

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