Imam Khomeini highlighted role of independent nations in world diplomacy

Imam Khomeini highlighted role of independent nations in world diplomacy

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic strongly stressed alliances of independent countries which could confront aggressive policies of colonial powers and could play an effective role in changing the balance of power in the interest of oppressed people of the globe.

Among one of these alliances is the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) which had always been supported by the Islamic Republic at various level.

Imam Khomeini through his historic messages and speeches said that independent countries should play crucial role at international forums such as the United Nations and on other diplomatic fronts. 

Iran has always hosted and participated actively in the sessions and main summits of NAM in recent decades.

Contrary to the expectation of some Western observers, the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is still strongly advocated by third world countries in general, and by Iran, in particular, in the post-Cold War period.

 Even during the Cold War, non-alignment was not just about rejecting the superpowers in a bipolar structure.

It was really about providing policy options and a sense of independence for third world states soon after the decolonization process.

Since the demise of the Soviet Union, third world leaders, especially the Iranian political elite, still support a non-aligned policy and the Non-Aligned Movement in a world with only one superpower.

 The fascination with non-alignment as a foreign policy strategy goes back to the early days of the Islamic Revolution, a turning point for Iranian foreign relations which shifted drastically from a close alliance with the United States or other western states to a non-aligned stance.

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