Imam Khomeini's companions trusted his leadership

Imam Khomeini's companions trusted his leadership

A grandson of the late founder of the Islamic Republic says the faithful companions of Imam Khomeini had fully trusted his wise and divine-oriented leadership.

Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Khomeini made remarks during a ceremony recently held to mark 35th martyrdom anniversary of  Ayatollah Ashrafi Esfahani .

Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, an internationally-reputed scholar went onto say that Imam Khomeini’s companions and supporters, who had strong faith in his divine personality and leadership qualities, stood behind him during all thin and thick times.

Otherwise, all gains and achievement to such a scale would have been impossible, he added.

Hailing Imam Khomeini's leadership qualities, the Muslim scholar pointed out that he directed the struggle for revolution with strongl reliance on God Almighty, firm support by companions and divine blessed geniusness. 

He also stressed the need to protect legacy of great figures from fisrt gereration of the Islamic Revolution such as Ayatollah  Esfahani .

Elsewhere in his remarks, he also highlighted the need to stand united in order to shied all achievements of the revolution and overcome all troubles and hurdles.

Ashrafi Esfahani (1902–1982) was an Iranian religious leader, who was born in Esfahan and educated in Esfahan and Qom seminary. He became a Mohtahid, when he was 40.

Following the victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, he was selected as the leader for Friday prayers of Kermanshah.

Ayatollah  Esfahani, a close companion of Imam Khomeini, was martyred by a member of MKO terrorist group at Friday prayer on October 15, 1982.

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