Martyr Mostafa stood by Imam through thick and thin times

Martyr Mostafa stood by Imam through thick and thin times

Seyyed Mostafa Khomeini furthered the objectives of Islamic Revolution at the sensitive juncture of history by standing with Imam through all thick and thin times

 Sayyid Mustafa Khomeini, the eldest son of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, from his early childhood, was brought up under the religious and academic influence.  

After entering at Qom seminary, he engaged in acquiring the theological sciences and soon proved his genius at the and surpassed his classmates. 

Seyyed Mostafa attained the ijtihad degree at the age when he was quite young and had well command over a range of Islamic disciplines including jurisprudence, mysticism, and philosophy and Quranic interpretation. 

In addition to his teaching activities, Mostafa continued writing and has also left behind numerous precious theological works.

Being influenced by the divine characteristic and viewpoints of Imam Khomeini, Seyyed Mustafa embarked on political activities, too and stood by Imam through all thick and thin times.

He took part actively in Islamic movements under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini at every stage and undertook serious efforts to father its objectives.

Hajj Agha Mustafa, who was the closest person to Imam Khomeini, was trustworthy and made sure Imam Khomeini was in touch with far-reaching and complicated parts of the Islamic movement in Iran and different parts of the world.

The Imam always considered Hajj Sayyid Mustafa as a trustworthy religious authority for the future of Islam. He was an authentic jurist and a steadfast thinker.

Mostafa was sharp minded, innovative, a master of philosophy, intuitive, and interpreted the Holy Qur'an from new standpoints.

His remaining works are evidence of his great academic strength and scholarly views.

He spent several years in exile along his father until the 22nd of October 1977, when he passed away suspiciously.

Seyyed Mostafa was assassinated by the agents of Shah regime in holy city of Najaf.

The late Haj Mustafa was grow up by Imam and was a hope for him. Imam's son was well aware about the ups and downs of the Islamic Revolution. 

His death happened at very sensitive juncture of the struggle for the Islamic Revolution.

Imam Khomeini however showed great patience over his passing, saying Mustafa’s death was one of divine hidden favors.” 

His death boosted the Islamic movement and raised people’s sentiments against the puppet Pahlavi regime.

Due to his unprecedented services for the Islamic movement, Seyyed Mostafa is also known as Morning Star of the Revolution, the Forerunner of the Revolution, and the Dawn of the Revolution.

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