Mostafa Khomeini was a Competent Scholar

Mostafa Khomeini was a Competent Scholar

The late son of the founder of the Islamic Republic has been a competent Islamic scholar who left several academic works as his academic legacy.

Seyyed Mostafa Khomeiniwrote exegesis and interpretation on the holy Quran and several other works which are popular among seminary scholars and his devotees alike.

His works covers several Islamic fields including the Quranic interpretation, hadith, jurisprudence and several other fields.

He has had special Islamic solution to contemporary-era occurring.    

Martyr Seyyed Mostafa Khomeini, the son of Imam Khomeini, was born in Qom in 1930.

He was so talented that achieved the level of Ijtihad in his early youth.

He accompanied Imam as a companion and advisor since the very beginning days of Imam Khomeini’s movement in 1962.

He was comprehended subsequent to uprising of June 5, and after Imam’s exile he was once again arrested by SAVAK for his anti-regime protesting activities.

Eventually the regime’s agents trespassed his domicile on January 3, 1964 and exiled him to Turkey.

Upon arriving Najaf, he continued his struggle shoulder to shoulder with Imam Khomeini besides engaging in study and scientific activities.

He was arrested and then transferred to Baghdad in 1969 subsequent to a chain of anti-Baathist activities.

Mustafa, who was the closest person to Imam Khomeini, was trustworthy and made sure Imam Khomeini was in touch with far-reaching and complicated parts of the Islamic movement in Iran and different parts of the world. He had many viewpoints as to the type and manner of the struggle with the government and stood firm during the ups and downs of the political activities, particularly in Iraq.

The Imam always considered Hajj Seyyed Mustafa as a trustworthy religious authority for the future of Islam. He was an authentic jurist and a steadfast thinker. He was sharp minded, innovative, a master of philosophy, intuitive, and interpreted the Holy Qur'an from new standpoints. Although the unjust manner of the oppressors made his works inaccessible, his remaining works are evidence of his great scientific mind and genius.

Finally, Ayatollah Seyyed Mostafa Khomeini was mysteriously martyred at the midnight of October 23, 1977. His martyrdom enlivened the Islamic movement of Iranian people and turned into a comprehensive revolution that ended up in collapse of Pahlavi Regime.

Maybe it was for the very same reason that Imam Khomeini credited his martyrdom as hidden Divine intervention.

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