Imam Khomeini defended Islam and spirituality

Imam Khomeini defended Islam and spirituality

Imam Khomeini defended divine region of Islam and spiritual values by writing his famous work known as Kashfol-Asrar at sensitive juncture of history

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic has been a multi-dimensional personality who authored numerous works in mysticism, jurisprudence, philosophy, theology and politics.

In view of him being the founder and leader of the Islamic Republic, obviously his political thoughts encompass all concepts that have some governmental and societal applications.

The most central concepts of his political thought are the following: the relationship between religion and politics, justice, freedom, independence, democracy, legalism, culture, Muslim unity, interest of Islam and Muslims, global invitation to Islam, its expansion, revitalization of national - Islamic identity, foreign policy based on Islamic ideals and defending the oppressed and dispossessed throughout the world.

In 1941 (1322), in what is considered to be Imam Khomeini's first public political statement, Imam wrote and published a book entitled Kashfol-Asrar in which he revealed the crimes of the 20-year monarchy of Rida Shah. 

The book is essentially a detailed, systematic critique of an anti-religious tract, and in defending Islam and spirituality.

 Imam refutes the deviatory sophisms employed by the author.

It is in this book that the idea of an Islamic government, and the need for an uprising to establish this, is propounded.

 After spending several years in exile and constant struggle of many decades, Islamic Revolution emerged victorious under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini in 1979.

The Islamic Revolution changed the balance of power and defended rights of all oppressed nations across the globe.

The Islamic-democratic system also challenged aggressive policies of colonial powers. 

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Democracy, rule of law form essential parts of Imam Khomeini's political thought 

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