Democracy, rule of law form essential parts of Imam Khomeini's political thought

Democracy, rule of law form essential parts of Imam Khomeini's political thought

Imam Khomeini, the Late founder of the Islamic Republic, has been a great supporter of democracy and the rule of law in society.

Imam Khomeini is a multi-dimensional personality who authored numerous works in mysticism, jurisprudence, philosophy, theology and politics and in view of him being the founder and leader of an Islamic thought-based system.

Obviously, political thought of the late founder of the Islamic Republic encompass all concepts that have some governmental and societal applications.

Many people, who engage in politics and political issues, have written books and articles about Imam Khomeini’s political thought. Obviously, we cannot, for the sake of brevity, delve into all angles of his political thought.

Therefore, we will make very brief and cursory references to some of the angles of Imam Khomeini’s thought and we request the reader to refer to special books in this regard in order to find more details.

The democracy and conformity to the rule of law have been significant pillars of Imam Khomeini’s dynamic ideals.

Democracy, people’s role in determining their destiny and their active presence in various political and social arenas are other pivotal aspects of Imam Khomeini’s political thought.

When it comes to a nation’s role in determining its destiny, Imam Khomeini says: “We do not intend to impose something on Muslims. Islam does not allow us to be dictators. We are obedient to the people’s vote. Whatever the vote of people is, we follow it. God does not authorize us, and the Prophet does not authorize us to impose something on Muslims.”

Conformity to law is another the basic principles of Imam Khomeini’s political thought.

According to him, acting upon the law is obligatory upon each and every individual in society regardless of his position and rank.

In his government, it is not the person but the divine law that matters. Everyone should be subservient to the law irrespective of who he is.

Imam Khomeini believed in the rule of law to such an extent that, in his view, even the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was obedient to it.

Pundits and experts believe that Imam Khomeini is one of the greatest contemporary Muslim thinkers; he is one of the history-making men of the Islamic world.

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