Iran is abiding by its nuclear-related commitments: IAEA chief

Iran is abiding by its nuclear-related commitments: IAEA chief

The IAEA chief says Iran is abiding by its nuclear-related commitments under the JCPOA.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has once again reiterated Iran’s adherence to the 2015 nuclear agreement with the P5+1 group of countries,

 The IAEA chief also stressed that UN inspectors are facing no problems in their verification efforts.

“The IAEA can state that such nuclear-related commitments are being implemented,” Yukiya Amano, told a news conference in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, on Monday. 

“I requested that Iran ... fully implement the nuclear-related commitments. This [was] the main thrust of the meeting in Iran... Regarding the activities of our inspectors, they are discharging their responsibility without problem," Amano, whose inspectors are tasked with monitoring compliance with the JCPOA, said. 

 The IAEA chief made reamkrs a day after he met with senior Iranian officials in Tehran.

The IAEA chief made a day-long visit to Tehran and held talks with President Hassan Rouhani, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), Ali Akbar Salehi, and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Amano and Salehi also attended a joint press conference.

The IAEA is the only official institution in charge of verifying Iranian compliance and it has repeatedly verified Iran’s adherence to its contractual obligations.

US President Donald Trump delivered an anti-Iran speech on October 13, in which he said he would not be certifying Iran’s compliance with the terms of the JCPOA under a domestic American law and warned that he might ultimately terminate the agreement.

The other parties to the accord -- Britain, Germany, France, Russia, China and the European Union -- have all reaffirmed their commitment to it and urged the United States not to back out.

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