Why it is necessary to ponder over Imam Khomeini's  ideals?

Why it is necessary to ponder over Imam Khomeini's ideals?

Imam Khomeini, the great leader of contemporary Muslim world, succeeded in bringing about a revolution and establishing the Islamic Republic of Iran. Thus, it is necessary to delve into his ideas and examine his social, theological and political thought for various reasons:

We mention some of those reasons which require exploring and pondering over Imam's dynamic ideals and his theological works. 

Imam Khomeini's thought laid the foundation of a great movement, i.e., the Islamic Revolution in Iran;

With the culmination of the Islamic Revolution in Iran the oppressed people of the world, in general, and the Iranians, in particular, have been eagerly waiting to reap the fruits of the movement, hence, it should be studied thoroughly;

Moreover, in order to keep the record of such a movement in the history, it is necessary to work out the ideas of a great jurist and mystic who, in the light of the genuine Islamic teachings, could initiate a movement which led to the establishment of an Islamic system and he himself shouldered the leadership of the state for ten years.

Imam Khomeini, who had well command over several discipline of Islamic studies, have left several works in various fields including philosophy, jurisprudence, mysticism, Hadith sciences and Quranic exegesis.

These works are so deep and contains treasures of mysticism and other Islamic ideals.

Although there have been a few works on his life, writings, movement, his sayings and speeches, hardly any serious book, has so far appeared on Imam Khomeini's political thought. 

Imam Khomeini, who revived the spiritual and religious values at sensitive juncture of history when the humanity had been plunged into social and moral decline, has been a great supporter of democracy, women rights and  sought to raise the status of the poor and oppressed people.

Imam Khomeini established such an Islamic-democratic system which can become a role-mode for the entire humanity. Imam not only seeks to unite the Muslims, but also wanted all oppressed people of the world to form a united front in order to confront aggressive policies of the world exploiting powers and their aggressive policies. 

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