No one has the right to come out with me from the seminary

In 1969, when ten thousand pilgrims from Iran were given the visa to visit Iraq after the Haj pilgrimage, a large number of pilgrims participated in the congregational prayer led by the Imam and held at the Borujerdi Seminary in Najaf. After the prayers, they wanted to accompany the Imam through the streets while chanting greetings of peace and invoking salutations to the Prophet Muhammad (s) and his immaculate household (‘a). However the Imam every night after the prayers when he wanted to leave the seminary he ordered to communicate to the people that no one had the right to come out of the seminary with me. Thus the pilgrims would wait in the seminary until the Imam had already left and gradually come out of the seminary. He had ordered the Iranian pilgrims not to pursue him in a situation when he was very lonely in Iraq and without any companion.

No one has the right to come out with me from the seminary: Sayyid Hamid Ruhani; extracted from the Biography of Imam Khomeini

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