Moral principles of education can be extracted from Imam Khomeini's works and books

Moral principles of education can be extracted from Imam Khomeini's works and books

Pundits and experts maintain that moral and academic principles of education and training can be extracted from Imam Khomeini’s theological works.

Imam Khomeini regards education as an important in running and building a constructive society. 

From viewpoint of Imam Khomeini, education system of Islamic society should be based on rules such as principle of priority of self-correction over correcting others.

The principles of self-refinement   priority over teaching, training continuity, the repetition and indoctrination, directionality of training and and the principle of attractionism also have significant place in Imam’s dynamic ideals and thought.  

 Also, goals of education from Imam’s idea includes as following:

Natural growth which is growth in physic and biology, intellectual growth which is fostering reasoning is spiritual growth and nurturing movements of heart and imagination, scientific and political development.  

Moreover, in order to achieve a full human education from Imam Khomeini’s viewpoint it should be based on following methods: 

  1. The correct way of thinking
  2.  How to stimulate awareness and insight
  3.  Way of emotional motivation
  4.  Lessoning way
  5.  Reverence and encouragement
  6.  Repetition and indoctrination
  7.   How to deal enemy
  8.  calculation method and advice and benevolence.

Anthropological foundations of education in Imam Khomeini’s viewpoint are: discontinuous intrinsic relationship with God, truth- and justice-seeking, in search of perfection and love of completeness, desire to happiness and eternal prosperity, and a will to benevolence and freedom.


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