Rouhani denounces bloody “heinous” terrorist attack against worshippers in Egypt

Rouhani denounces bloody “heinous” terrorist attack against worshippers in Egypt

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has strongly denounced the recent bloody “heinous” terrorist attack against worshippers at a mosque in Egypt’s northern Sinai Peninsula.

“Condemning the heinous terrorist crime during Friday Prayers in Egypt, I extend Iranian people’s and my sincere condolences to the Egyptian people and the bereaved families of the victims,” Rouhani said on his official Twitter account on Saturday.

Egypt on Saturday mourned the bloody crime at the Sinai mosque, the deadliest attack the country has witnessed.

Funerals for the victims were held overnight and many were buried unwashed in their bloodied clothes, according to the Islamic burial practices for martyrs, security and medical officials said.

At least 305 people, including 27 children, were killed after gunmen detonated a bomb and mowed down worshippers at Rawda Mosque in North Sinai on Friday.

The Egyptian public prosecutor’s office said in a statement on Saturday that the individuals who waged the deadly gun and bomb assault on the mosque were carrying a flag of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group.

Meanwhile, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has declared three days of mourning and vowed to “respond with brutal force.”

In a televised speech, he said, “The army and police will avenge our martyrs and return security and stability with force in the coming short period.”


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