Formation of mobilization forces was wise decision by Imam Khomeini

Formation of mobilization forces was wise decision by Imam Khomeini

The formation of volunteer forces known as Basij had been a wise decision taken by Imam Khomeini at sensitive juncture of the history. The decision was announced just months after the victory of Islamic revolution.

Imam sought establishing a nationwide 20-million force which could be equipped with a range of skills and could defend the country against internal and external threats.   

Imam once in a historic address which was delivered to Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said that people should be equipped with various skills including military training in order to confront dangers and protect national sovereignty. 

The announcement to form 20-million mobilization forces, which could shield the country against threats and protect it from various possible dangers, was widely welcomed by various walks of the society.

By the passage of time, it was proved that the mobilization forces played key role in defending the country’s national sovereignty, especially when former Iraqi dictator waged a long imposed war against Iran in 1980.

In addition to skills and knowledge, members of Basij forces are also decorated with ethical and social norms and promote divine values and a culture of mutual cooperation and assistance on various occasions.  

Imam once said in a historic message about the Basij as following:  

“Certainly, the formation of the Basīj (the oppressed mobilization forces) in the Islamic Republic of Iran was a blessing favored by God to the dear nation and the Islamic Revolution of Iran.”

“At the various events, especially the war after the victory of the revolution, there were many institutions and groups that ensured the country and the Islamic Revolution through their sacrifice, sincerity, devotion, and martyrdom. Yet, if we really want to present a perfect meaning of sacrifice, sincerity, devotion and love of God and Islam, was there anyone more deserving than the Basīj? Basīj is a pure and fruitful tree whose blossoms give out the aroma of spring, the freshness of certainty and the story of love. Basīj is the school of love and the academy of martyrdom. Its anonymous martyrs, whose followers have recited on top of its towering minaret the call to martyrdom and valor. Basīj is the locus of the barefooted and ascension of the pure Islamic thought whose trained ones have gained name and fame in having no name and fame…”




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