Imam Khomeini defined distinction between Judaism and and Zionism

Imam Khomeini defined distinction between Judaism and and Zionism

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic always through his historic speeches and messages made a distinction between Judaism and Zionism

 Aware of realities, Imam Khomeini, by always making a distinction between Judaism and Zionism, confronted this trick and removed the mask of hypocrisy from the faces of those claiming to defend Judaism.

He introduced Zionism as fundamentally a political movement antithetical to the principles of religion and the aims of the divine messengers.

It is known that Zionism is a political phenomenon with expansionist, racist and colonialist aims that under the cover of the Jewish religion takes on a religious appearance and tries to pursue its goals as the savior of the Jewish people.

 But it is not hidden from the perspicacious thinkers that the fanciful claim of the racial unity of the Jews of the world is made by Zionists who want to justify their usurpation of Palestinian land and their crimes in the occupied territories.

It is obvious that the director of this drama was, in the beginning, British colonialism, but later that position was entrusted to the officials at the White House and today they are the ones who call the shots.

 And it goes without saying that the neo-colonialism of the West cares little for the religion of God and the pious people, the only thing that matters to the colonialists of today being their own imperialist interests. 

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