The 5th of June and the start of a defining change in Ahmad's life

Sayyid Ahmad during his youth

On the 5th of June 1963 Imam Khomeini was arrested at dawn while he was praying. This infuriated the people of Qom and so they decided to protest the next day. This momentous uprising was a turning point for the Iranian people, a prelude to the Islamic revolution, and a great transformation in the life of “Ahmad”, the hero of the upcoming chapters of Imam Khomeini’s movement.

The Imam was put under house arrest in Tehran. Mustafa, the Imam’s eldest son, tried to carry out his father’s role in his absence and make sure everything ran smoothly.

They were sure that by putting the Imam under house arrest and his companions into exile they had finally calmed down all resistance against the regime. This gave government officials a false sense of hope and they thought that their merciless massacre of people on the 5th of June had been successful. However they were unaware that it is God who is protecting these movements and is giving them strength.

Imam Khomeini giving a speech in the Faidhiah School in Qom

The Imam was freed in April 1964 and issued a statement on the following 26th of October. The Imam openly declared that he was against capitalism and against the regime. This frightened the Pahlavi regime and so they sent the Imam into exile in order to secure the life of the monarchy.

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