Imam Khomeini's guidelines improved literacy rate, promoted education

Imam Khomeini's guidelines improved literacy rate, promoted education

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic on several occasions issued special recommendations and guidelines for relevant authorities in order to improve literacy rate in Iran. Iran became the most literate country of the Mideast region under his wise leadership.

Imam Khomeini also directed to launchan all-out campaign in order to spread awareness and  education following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. 

He guided the relevant officials to promote a wide-scale education campaign for masses and elites. 

The great spiritual leader also attached a special significance to education, as basic health care  system and social welfare.

Iran accomplished great scientific and academic achievements following the victory of Islamic Revolution and became a role model for the whole Muslim Ummah.

Imam’s motto of education for all was seriously adopted and free education with great quality was provided in all well-developed or less developed parts of the country. 

The results for this campaign were tangible and the Iranian universities were ranked was upgraded in the international system.

In recent years, Iran's rankings have been improved in fields of humanities, social sciences, research, scientific education and medical education among world countries, and the achievements are becing considered as enormous.

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