He observed the rules of the house

His Holiness the Imam took a walk three times a day and each time it lasted for about twenty minutes. One day when I was accompanying him, after we finished walking, he pointed to a part of the front yard and said, “I would like to sit here and sip a cup of tea.” I said that that was no problem and I would bring a small rug and spread it on the floor so that he could sip his tea there. “No!” he retorted, “your mother has said that whenever we wish to sit in the front yard, we must not sit in this part but should spread the rug and sit on the other side.” This is the extent to which the Imam observed the rules of the house set by the woman of the household. That day he neither sat in the front yard nor did he sip tea.

He observed the rules of the house: Mrs. Zahra Mustafawi

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