What time should she come?

Once when Mr. Ansari was invited to visit the frontline in the South so that he carried the message of love and peace of the Imam for the fighters of Islam, at night when we met him in the public relations department of the Karbala Operations command quarters, he put his hand in his pocket and took out a newspaper cutting and told me that: “This is the handwriting of the Imam which I present to you.” The Imam had addressed him in his beautiful handwriting in the margin of the newspaper page stating that, “The wife of the late martyr Beheshti wants an appointment. What time should she come?” Mr. Ansari would say that the Imam respected the rules and regulations of his own office and household to such an extent that although it was his own time, yet he asks about the programming from others so that the programs of the office did not clash.

What time should she come? Ghulam ‘Ali Raja’i

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