Act according to regulations with him

When the letter came from the ground forces that I had no responsibility to discharge in the west of the country, I replied that I had been sent by the Supreme Defense Council and shall return to Tehran on their orders and not on the orders of Bani Sadr (former president) and until they had not sent me orders, I would remain there. I was not aware that this response reflected some sort of revolt from the military point of view. Bani Sadr took my reply to the Imam and the Imam who did not know me had said to Bani Sadr that, “Act according to the regulations with him.” Thus when the congregation prayer leaders had gone to the Imam and told the Imam that I was hardworking individual whom Bani Sadr had discharged from his job and confiscated his military rank from him and although the individuals that had gone to meet the Imam were prominent and senior officials, yet the Imam had declared decisively that, “Such and such person has revolted.” Of course this did not mean that the Imam had accepted their words; but the Imam believed strongly in performance of duty and observance of the law.

Act according to regulations with him; Martyr Sayyid Shirazi


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