I got up to recite my prayers

One of the physicians of Qum narrated that when the news was broadcast that the Imam had suffered a heart attack, he went to his bedside and checked his blood pressure. His blood pressure was 5 which was dangerously low from the medical point of view. He performed the primary medical checks and after about two hours his condition improved. However, as a rule, the Imam could not and must not engage in any movement but he prepared to move and got up from his bed. The physician asked him why he had got up from the bed to which he replied: “For prayers”. Then he told the Imam that just as the Imam was a competent religious authority, similarly, he was a medical authority and thus according to his medical verdict his movement was forbidden and that the Imam must recite his prayers while lying on the bed. The Imam then took his words very seriously and acted according to his instructions.

I got up to recite prayers: Mrs. Zahra Mustafawi

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