Imam Khomeini's poetry consists of  spirituality, values

Imam Khomeini's poetry consists of spirituality, values

The poetry left by Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic contain spirituality, human values and treasures of mysticism.



The poetic verses by Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, have been divine-oriented and contain treasures of mysticism. 

Mysticism is manifested in Imam Khomeini’s divine personality, and runs deep in thought and ideals of the founder of the Islamic Republic.  

Researchers widely maintain that Imam Khomeini’s mystical thought and dynamic ideals have deep roots in genuine teachings of the holy prophet of Islam and his infallible successors.  

Imam’s poetry is increasingly becoming popular among young generation across several regions of the world.  Several scholars have conducted searches about the great Imam’s poetry over the past few years.

It is noteworthy that the collection of Imam’s poetic verses has been translated and published in  English, Arabic, Urdu, Turkish and some other foreign languages.  

We bring some samples from Imam Khomeini’s poetical works as below:

Pre-Eternal Goblet

We are children of love and the adopted sons of the goblet.

By drunkenness and the sacrifice of our souls for the beloved

we are perfected.

We have given our hearts to the tavern and to the sacrifices of drink.

We are old servants at the threshold of the Magus.

We are bed fellows of the beloved,

but we are being punished by separation from her.

We are drowned in union with her,

yet in constant separation from her.

Without color or sound

yet we are bound to color.

We are without name or address,

yet we are always after a name.

We are war with the Sufi, the Gnostic and the dervish.

We are battling with philosophy and theology.

We have fled from the seminary and from nearness to creatures.

We are outcast by the wise and hated by the common.

Against being and against those who seek being

we are back to back.

With nothingness, since the pre-eternal day,

we are stride by stride.

Khordad 1366 AHS
[May-June 1987]

The Releasing Goblet

Cup-bearer, open the gate of the tavern

Make me needless of lessons, discourses,

asceticism and hypocrisy.

Place a strand of your wavy hair in my way.

Release me from scholarship, from the mosque,

from the lessons and from prayer.

Like David playing a melody, bring me a goblet!

Make me forget the pain of ambition,

of rising and descending.

Take away the veil

from the beautiful face and hair of the beloved.

Banish me from the Ka'bah and from the kingdom of Hijaz.

Fill my jug to the brim with pure wine.

With purity of heart

orient your heart toward that ravishing idol.

I have been impoverished by the sorrow of separation

from the countenance of the beloved.

Invite me to that goblet of wine

that is a universal panacea.

28/11/67 AHS
[February 17, 1989]


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