Imam Khomeini revived cultural and moral values

Imam Khomeini revived cultural and moral values

The triumph of Islamic revolution at sensitive juncture of history been indebted to the Unprecedented leadership of Imam Khomeini,

 The Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini accomplished great achievement in various fields including cultural, political and social. The great event at sensitive juncture of history revived the divine values and transformed the Iranian nation from spiritual and moral perspectives

Islamic Revolution and its achievements have been enormous.

The triumph of Islamic revolution that’s been indebted to the prudent leadership of Imam Khomeini, wide presence of descent people and the inquisitive lessons of Shia’s school, has highly affected local, regional and global metabolism. This century’s miracle of God kept the world devours and oppressors’ hand away from our country on one hand and on the other lightened the light and sparks of hopping for Islam’s renaissance’s in the hearts of the world’s Muslims.

Today at the dawn of 39st year of this incredible event for a better and deeper retrospect and reinvestigation of the Islamic revolution we survey through some of its most important achievements in different fields of social, cultural, political, economic, scientific and others.

The most outstanding cultural Achievements of the Islamic Revolution:

  • Revive and implementation of Islamic laws on a macro level in the society and in aspects of policy making, law making and executive.
  • Revival of pure Mohammad’s Islam and isolation of the American Islam.
  • The point of start-up of the great revolution of Islam with the leadership of hazrat Hojjat.
  • Restoration of God centralism and producing spiritual and moral changes in Iranian people.
  • Challenging the humanism school and proving efficiency and rightness of Islam.  
  • Replacing the trite and materialist measures with the genuine Islamic values.
  • Joining politics with religion and spirituality.
  • Reviving God’s guardian ship and his sovereignty on the society and restoration of dignity and humanistic greatness to Muslims.
  • Upgrading the level of public knowledge.
  • Confronting the tide of open corruption and spread of western slovenliness.
  • Propagating Islamic and Quran culture and restoring Godly rites and Islamic precepts.
  • Cultural independence with accenting on cultural self-believing and the Islamic and Iranian native identity.
  • Restoring dignity and status of woman in the society.
  • Spread of the culture of scarification, martyrdom and the national spiritual change.
  • Revival of the Islamic Iranian national identity and dignifying the people of Iran.
  • Growing and spreading of the self-consciousness moral.
  • Changing the meaning of social statuses from materialistic level to the spiritual one.
  • Training believer, pious and skilled human beings.
  • Fighting with cultural degeneration and triteness and cultivation for development of genuine Iranian-Islamic talents and capacities of artistic and cultural and restoration of people’s national identity.                  

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