Imam Khomeini established democracy, changed balance of power

Imam Khomeini established democracy, changed balance of power

 The emergence and victory of the Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini changed balance of power from political perspectives.

Imam also established an Islamic-Republic system which cut influence and meddling of external arrogant powers into Iran's internal affairs forever.

The Islamic Revolution also changed balance of power in the interest of the oppressed nations across the region and elsewhere.

The triumph of Islamic revolution that’s been indebted to the leadership of Imam Khomeini, wide presence of descent people and the inquisitive lessons of Shia’s school of thought, has highly affected local, regional and global metabolism.

This century’s miracle of God kept the world devours and oppressors’ hand away from our country on one hand and on the other lightened the light and sparks of hopping for Islam’s renaissance’s in the hearts of the world’s Muslims.

Today at the dawn of 39th year of this incredible event for a better and deeper retrospect and reinvestigation of the Islamic revolution we survey through some of its most important achievements in different fields of social, cultural, political, economic, and scientific and others.

The most outstanding political Achievements of the Islamic Revolution:

The political achievements are divided into two types of local and foreign, first local achievements:

  • Overthrowing the monarchy system and toppling Shah as a poppet of America.
  • Establishing religious democracy system by the name of “Islamic Republic” voted by over 98% of people.
  • Maintaining independence in decision making in country’s basic affaires (no east no west).
  • Breaking the awe and fear of superpowers and keeping foreigners hand from the country.
  • Expanding people participation and presence and relying on people’s votes in the important fields of the country by referring to the public votes in determining the country’s destiny.
  • Selection of every authority in every field through direct or indirect votes of people.   
  • Actualisation of legal freedoms in accordance with the logic of local values and foundations and out casting tyranny.
  • Relationship between people and the system’s authorities and sense unanimity and congeniality of people with the authorities and vice versa.
  • Increase in public political knowledge and insight of people.
  • Uplifting of national solidarity and Islamic untidiness through prevention of divisional and analytical instigations.
  • Triumph of the Islamic system on plots, plans and conspiracies of the enemy such as coups, demands on analysing the country, terrors, the imposed war, terroristic attempts, seditions and sanctions.

And in the foreign field:

  • Presentation of a new thought and perception based on monotheism, spirituality, human’s respect, social justice to the world.
  • Introducing the pure Islam as a school of civilisation maker and elevator.
  • Getting released from dominancy of foreign powers and securing independence in foreign policy.
  • Full independence of the country in every field and inter acting with other nations and governments on the bases of justice and dignity and preparation of national development context and economic as well as spiritual uplifting of the country based on “no east no west” theory.
  • Effectiveness on world’s strategic issues such as collapse of bipolar system of the world.
  • Turning Iran into a regional and Para regional power effective of the region and world’s equations.
  •  Serious effect on freedom movements in Islamic world and beyond so that today Islamic awakening can be taken as the most important achievement of the Islamic revolution.
  • Oppression fighting and defending Mostazafan [oppressed people] against oppressors and rejection of every kind of oppression and oppressing.
  • Producing the stream of Islamic resistance against the Zionistic regime.
  • Developing and strengthening the spirit of fight and resistance in the world to challenge America.
  • Exportation of the culture and think of resistance and making a role model like Basij and popular movements for every liberal nation.
  • Humiliation of the hollow powers especially America and failure of the bipolar world system.
  • Producing self confidence in the Islamic nation for moving towards a bright future.
  • Awakening the oppressed nations of the world and reviving the Anti-Istekbari [anti-arrogance] movements.
  • Reviving Islamic dignity and power of Islam’s world and convergence between Islamic countries.
  • Exit of Iran from the group of Zionism and Quds occupiers supporting countries.
  • Globalisation of fighting with the Quds occupier regime.        

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