They poured two buckets of water on me

The son of the fourth martyr at the altar—His Holiness Ayatullah Ashrafi Isfahani—narrates that when he was fifteen years old, one day he had gone to a public bath in Qum. At the entrance he noticed that one of the men had lathered his head with soap and his eyes were also covered with the lather and was probing with his hands for a bucket. Immediately he picks up a bucket that was near him, fills it with water from the pool and pours two buckets of water on the man. That radiant man gives him a look of gratitude and asks whether he too had washed his head to which he replies in the negative adding that he had just come to the bath. Finally, he goes to a corner and soaps his head and face. Before he could pour water over his head, suddenly two buckets of water pours over him. He opens his eyes and notices that the distinguished figure had in return reciprocated his gesture and poured the water over his head. He goes and narrates the tale to his father but because he did not know his name he could not identify the man by name. Some time later the son goes along with his father to a religious feast held at the home of theologians that suddenly he notices that man and tells his father about his presence. His father is amazed and tells his son that the man was Haj Aqa Ruhullah Khomeini.”

He poured two buckets of water on me: Muhammad Ashrafi Isfahani

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