Women widely contributed to Islamic revolution

Women widely contributed to Islamic revolution

Iranian women stood shoulder to shoulder in struggle for the Islamic Revolution, which brought about dignity, prosperity and progress for the Iranian nation.

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic through his historic speeches and messages used to stress the role of women in all spheres of life, including political, cultural and social.

Imam Khomeini the world spiritual and religious leader of the Muslim world stressed that women should actively take part in political, social and economic fields on large scale

“Not only does the Shiite ideology not keep women away from the scene of living; rather, it places them in the lofty position of humanity in society.”

According to Imam, women are the most influential pillars of the Islamic society and can contribute largely to the development of the Muslim nations.

Imam Khomeini’s perspective of women can be interpreted through a humane-Islamic approach and in the bedrock of    Islam’s progressive point of view about humanity.

As the son of the liberating doctrine of Islam in the era of modern ignorance, the late founder of the Islamic Republic defended the community of women and aspired to restore the women’s identity and dignity

Imam also focused his thoughts in this field on the pathology of the societal-cultural situation of women before the Islamic Revolution and defined a great role for women following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

The great Imam put great emphasis on women’s effective and determinant presence in society combined with her observance of Islamic rules and tenets.

The great Imam believes that women should play an active role in all areas of the Muslim communities and societies.

 “Women have a great role in society. Women are the object of realization of humankind’s aspirations. Women are the nurturers of honorable men and women. Women are the trainers of society. Women are the trainers of human beings. The happiness and misery of countries depend on the presence of women. With her proper training, woman develops human beings and with her proper training, she develops the country,” the great Imam once said.

The great leader of the Muslim world also reminded the women their historic role of bringing up the generations.

“Woman is the source of all goodness. The role of women in the world possesses special characteristics. The good and bad of a society originate from the good and bad of it’s women folk. The women of our era have proven that they are on par or rather ahead of men in terms of engaging in holy struggle. These same folks that are manifestations of moral purity were frontrunners of the movement as well as frontrunners in donating their wealth.”

According to great Imam, the mothers have a major role in raising bringing up their children. On this subject, he states:

“The mother’s lap is the greatest school in which the child is trained – and it is the job of training that is of the greatest significance. Great human beings are the product of the training of great mothers.”

The great spiritual and political leader of the Muslim world considered the mother’s duty to be the same as that of the Divine prophets; and reckons happiness and misery of the nations in the light of the mothers’ upbringing.

 “May God preserve you for training human beings which is the occupation of prophets. If you bring up one child properly, it is possible that the same child provides for a nation. If God forbid, a bad child is nurtured in your lap, it is possible that immorality will find its way in society.”  Thus, the Imam considers the origin of most social evils and corruptions in lack of receiving proper upbringing,” Imam pointed out in another statement.

The great Imam also put emphasis on developing a suitable culture in order to facilitate the active presence of Muslim women in the social, political and cultural spheres.

The founder of the Islamic Republic not only considers raising the social status of women, their political and social participation and having a say in their own destiny to be the women’s right.

Imam used to say that woman is the main axis of development and main pillar of the Islamic system. Imam maintains that her humane and constructive capability must be used in a better manner for the benefit of the entire community.

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