Imam Khomeini described regulations as instruments for actualization of justice

Imam Khomeini described regulations as instruments for actualization of justice

According to Imam Khomeini, the basis and pillar is 'idalah (justice) and the laws and regulations are instruments for the actualization of 'idalah.

Also, he considered all Islamic laws and rules to be based on 'idalah:

"Verily, Islam revolted for the establishment of a just government in which the law dealing with tax and public treasury and its collection from all classes would be based on 'idalah and the laws relating to penal codes and laws connected with the judiciary and rights would be based on 'idalah." 

Imam Khomeini states that justice is of divine orientation and seeks its application and implementation on individual and social levels.  

The leader of contemporary Muslim world also stressed that divine messengers and leaders had attached great significance to justice. According to Imam, prophets are real and perfect role-model of justice as they had spared no effort for its implementation.  

In his famous book titled “hosts of intellect and ignorance”, Imam Khomeini defines justice a moderate way which frees man from any imbalances in behavior and conduct.

Imam Khomeini, as a religious thinker who was abreast of current comprehensive perception of religion and rational-mystical attitude to religion and politics and a historical understanding of the needs and developments of the society and its requirements embarked on reviving the attitude of Islam towards all dimensions of human life.

He managed to present a general and exhaustive perspective of the genuine Islam of Muhammad (PBUH), borrowing his words, and pursuing social and political action based on it.

In a sense, he was the embodiment of religious thought and action within a framework convergent ideas. On this basis, he could be described as a comprehensive thinker who heeded religion with a view based on rationality and principles.


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