Where do you come from?

After the return of the Imam (from prison and house arrest) to Qum in 1944, a flood of admirers and enthusiasts from all over the country went to greet him at his residence in Qum. One day we were with the Imam. A rural inhabitant from one of the small towns of Khorasan province had come to se the Imam. He was an ardent admirer and on seeing him he shed tears of joy. When the Imam saw his condition, he warmly welcomed him by his side and expressed his affection for him. Then he ordered that a cup o f tea be brought for him and asked him cordially about his health and well-being in a most brotherly manner. He asked him where he came from and what his occupation was so that he felt at ease while we who were present there were greatly impressed and moved by his attitude.

  Where are you from? Hujjat al-Islam Mahdi Karrubi

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